Stretchmark Correction

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or old, stretch marks plague millions of Americans and are one of the top cosmetic concerns. Stretch marks are actually a form of dermal scarring that occurs when you undergo rapid growth spurts. They commonly occur during adolescent growth spurts, pregnancy, rapid breast enlargement or implants, weight gain/loss and fast muscle growth of body building.

When a rapid growth spurt occurs, the skin can’t always keep up. The skin stretches to accommodate the growth. When this happens, the collagen and elastin structures in the dermal layer of the skin are pulled apart in order to allow the stretching to happen. Once the skin stretches to its limit, the deeper layers beneath the surface tear, causing the visible streak in the outer layer or the skin (epidermis).

There are two basic varieties of stretch marks. White stretch marks are older, more mature stretch marks. Newer stretch marks tend to be red or purple.

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Light Based Therapies Offer Stretch Mark Treatment Options

Light based technologies are available to diminish the appearance of stretch marks. While there are no treatments currently available to completely eliminate stretch marks, they can:

  • Minimize the appearance of stretch marks
  • Flatten stretch marks
  • Remove redness of stretch marks

Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center uses laser technology to treat stretch marks. The therapy causes collagen beneath the skin to tighten (improves appearance of stretch mark) and also promotes new collagen growth (fills in and lightens stretch mark).

The type of treatment for your stretch mark will depend on the type and age of the stretch mark. During your consultation we will explain your options and develop a treatment plan specifically for your condition.

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