“The staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable. Even before I went in, I got so much information about the treatment and equipment. I’m really pleased with my services and the results.”
N. T.

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“I will like to thank Nina for her great personality and services that was given to me twice for the chemical peels – She made me feel great again about my face and insured me there was help for my skin – Indeed it was. This is a great place to go for chemical peels and other acne problems. Thanks Nina and stafff you are a winner!”

“I have been bothered by my acne and facial hair for all of my life. Because I am a physician and leery about aggressive beauty treatments, I have been wearing make up for the last 15 years to hide this problem.

After meeting Dr. Barad and talking to her about my problems and discovering all the scientific reasons to do a specific treatment, I knew that I was in good hands. After only 3 laser treatments for acne and 2 for hair removal (that´s all the time I had in Pittsburgh) my skin is much brighter, less greasy and looks so clean that I don´t need make up every day. In addition I am following Dr. Barad´s recommendations for acne patients. I am using Francesca (her own skin care line), clarisonic, and I am following her nutritional and make up recommendations.

I know it is a treatment for life, but it is really worth it and I regret that I didn´t do it before. Finding the appropriate team was essential to put my face in their hands. The staff at the ASLC is awesome. Thank you.”
Laura Gonzalez Garcia, MD, PhD, Malaga, Spain

“Roberta’s Skincare Center has had the benefit and pleasure of working with many cutting edge skin care products. With our experience, we found that Francesca Skin Care is a very effective product line. Our clients and I agree that it achieves a compelling improvement in a variety of skin concerns.”
Roberta’s Skincare Center, Pittsburgh, PA

“When I first considered permanent eye liner I was nervous. Would it hurt, would I like it, can I afford it? I had all of my questions answered and I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. No more raccoon eyes during hot and humid days or when I get out of the pool and I spend less time applying make-up. It has been 5 1/2 years and it still looks great! If you have ever considered permanent make-up, I highly recommend Violet at the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center.”

“I went to the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center a couple of days ago for tattoo removal and am quite impressed! I was very nervous since this was my very first treatment and the staff worked so well together as a team that they decreased my anxiety level and the entire appointment was wonderful! I have more sessions to go, and can’t wait to go back for my next treatment and see the results!”

“Everyone at Aesthetic Laser Center & Med-Spa is welcoming and friendly from the time you come in the door. Every time I go there, I know it will be a good experience and I always leave feeling good about my treatments.”

“I was nervous when I went in for my consult… I didn’t know what to expect The staff is great and made me feel really comfortable and Dr. Barad is kind and honest…will tell you what’s available and what you can expect.”

“Dr. Barad has a keen eye for the face and does a fabulous job at targeting areas where you can get improvement.”

“Dr. Barad is dynamite. I’ve worked with other doctors before…. She’s different. She really understands what people want and how to achieve those results.”
C. H.

“They are really nice and make you feel comfortable. They know what to do and are very gentle. I’m really pleased with my results!”
L. M.

“They are respectful of your personal situation and budget and they work with you to get the best results. I’m really pleased with my services and the results.”
K. C.

“I came to Dr. Barad because I was frustrated with derms and other doctors. I wanted acne treatment without all the antibiotics. I’m pleased with my services – they exceeded my expectations!”
J. B.

“Not only is Dr. Barad competent, knowledgeable and great at what she does; she truly enjoys helping patients look and feel better about themselves”
City Search Review, June 2008

“Dr. Barad is very talented. Her results are great.”
S. M.

“Dr. Barad really understands eyes. She’s the one to go to if you dan’t want to trust your eyes to just anyone.”
C. H.

“I really like the way Dr. Barad does things. She has a really good eye and is very artistic. She knows how much to do and get good results without going over the top .”
L. L.

 “They are really nice and make you feel comfortable. They know what to do and are very gentle during the procedure. I’m really pleased with my results.
L. M.

“I have problem skin and have been everywhere from Florida to Texas for treatment!!!! … Doctor Barad is the absolute best! She takes her time with you and explains everything in detail. She and her skin care team have cleared my problem skin, for which I am forever grateful. Also, their products are unbeatable for price and really work. Trust me, I have tried everything!! I love this place”
CitySearch Review 4/28/08

“They are great working one on one with people. You feel very comfortable with them and confident that they know what they are doing. My results were better than I hoped for!.”
R. C.

“Dr. Barad’s referral to the Pittsburgh Vein Center has completely changed my life:

After over a decade of wearing compression stockings on a daily basis due to complications after cardiovascular surgery at the age of 24, I no longer have to wear them thanks to Dr. Barad’s professional evaluation of my poor leg circulation. She was concerned enough about my overall well being to refer me for advanced treatment to Dr. Plaza-Ponte at the Pittsburgh Vein Center.

Although Dr. Barad is able to treat spider veins, she immediately recognized that my venous constriction was more than superficial and was concerned about my outcome. Since I am only 34 years old, she suggested that I schedule an appointment with Dr. Plaza-Ponte. My treatments were quick and the recovery time was minimal. I haven’t felt this healthy in a long time.”
G. S.

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