Rosacea & Vascular Lesions

Treatment To Reduce Redness of Rosacea

Rosacea is a condition affecting the skin of the face, identified by persistent redness, spider veins and pimples. Rosacea is a fairly common condition estimated to affect 45 million people worldwide. One of the most famous Rosacea sufferers was W.C. Fields.

Rosacea redness and flushing appears on the central face as well as across the cheeks, nose and forehead in people with light complexions. Common symptoms of rosacea include:

  • Redness that looks like a sunburn or blush. The redness will eventually be more noticeable and will not go away
  • Pimples: small, red and solid or pus-filled
  • Red lines (telangeclasias) or facial spider veins, that are actually enlarged blood vessels appearing on the cheeks
  • Nasal bumps or rhinophyme, making the nose look swollen and red. This condition is more common in men

Restore Skin Tone Uniformity With Light Treatments

At Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center, rosacea is treated with fotofacial therapy and the StarLux IPL system. LED treatments as well as topical medications. The IPL StarLux technology, developed by Palomar, uses intense pulsed light therapy to restore even skin tone by targeting the affected pigment in a safe and effective way. LED treatments reduce redness and inflammation and may be used in combination with IPL therapy.

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