Pigmented Lesions

Removing Spots With Today’s Laser Technology

Just about everyone has a few obvious brown spots on their skin. Freckles, age spots and various birthmarks are just a few of the imperfections commonly referred to as pigmented lesions. Others include:

  • Lentigines (Sun spots/ Age Spots)
  • Melasma
  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Hemosiderin Staining

Melanin is what gives our skin its color regardless of whether we’re dark or light complected. Pigmented lesions are dark in color simply because melanin is abnormally concentrated in that area of the skin. High concentration of melanin can be due to various factors. Some types are present at birth (birthmarks), but most occur with age or as a result of over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays (age spots, sun spots, brown spots)

Painless Laser Technology Can Lighten or Remove Spots

Pigmented Lesion TreatmentAlthough most brown spots are easily ignored, many are quite conspicuous and can detract from your skin’s natural beauty. Fortunately, birthmarks and other spots can be removed or lightened with laser technology. The laser treatments are used to lighten the dark tone (pigmented lesions) and even out the tone to match surrounding skin.

With Multiple Types of Laser Technology We Can Treat Both Vascular Birthmarks (Port-Wine Stains) and Pigmented Lesions (Brown Spots)

Vascular birthmarks are caused by abnormal development of blood vessels and can be found anywhere on the body. Port-wine stains are a very common vascular birthmark. We treat these type of birthmarks with intense pulsed light therapy using our StarLux technology.

Pigmented Lesion TreatmentPigmented lesions are also treated with laser technology. The laser technology used emits light in very short flashes called pulses. The impact of the energy from the powerful pulse of light is similar to the snap of a thin rubber band on the skin.

No anesthesia is required for this treatment.

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