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Laser Hair Removal Popular With Both Men and Women

Laser hair removal has made life easier, smoother and simpler for millions of people. It has revolutionized the treatment of unwanted facial and body hair. Laser hair removal frees you from razors, painful waxing, tedious plucking and costly electrolysis. Women often treat the bikini area, armpits, upper lip and chin, neck and and legs. Men often want hair removed from their backs, shoulders or chests.

Laser hair removal works by using light energy and heat to penetrate hair follicles, disabling and then destroying them at the root while preserving surrounding skin. The hair removal process begins as the laser beam finds the hair follicle it is targeting by first finding the melanin (dark color of the hair). Melanin is also in the skin, making laser hair removal possible but more complex for tanned or darker skin people. Likewise, blonde, red and grey hairs are more difficult to treat simply because the laser is attracted to the darker hair colors.

Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center Offers:

  • State-of-the art technology to treat most skin and hair types and colors
  • Convenient hours with morning, evening and daytime appointments
  • Affordable pricing as pricing is customized to your need
  • On-site physician medical director supervising treatment
  • Expertly trained laser technicians
  • Regularly maintained and sanitized equipment

Best Results Achieved With Multiple Treatments

Hair naturally grows in cycles and laser hair removal is most effective when it is in the anagen phase (i.e. hair follicle is actively growing). Because at any point in time only 85% or our hair is in the anagen phase multiple treatments are needed to effectively reach hair follicles for permanent hair reduction.

Treatments usually take less than an hour and require no downtime. Patients describe the treatment as feeling as if a rubber band is snapping your skin and most don’t require anesthetics. Results appear after the first treatment with continued benefits visible with each additional treatment.

Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center Offers The Latest Technology and Experienced Staff

Ultimately, laser hair removal success depends on an individual’s unique skin and hair traits, the quality of the laser technology being used and very importantly, the skill of the person administering the treatment. With multiple lasers on-site for hair removal, the StarLux IPL and the Ruby Laser, the Aesthetic Skin & Laser Center’s team applies their skill and knowledge to manipulate and maneuver the laser for your optimal hair loss. While we are usually able to treat most skin and hair types and colors, a consult is recommended before treatment.

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