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Botox Cosmetic is the most popular cosmetic treatment today (over 4.6 Million Botox® in 2007 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Botox® Cosmetic injections smooth and soften wrinkles and lines on the forehead, furrows between the brows and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Dr. Barad has given thousands of Botox® Cosmetic treatments and is known throughout the Pittsburgh area for her ability to achieve natural looking results. She is also recognized by Allergan (Botox® Cosmetic manufacturer) as an accomplished injector and is a regional trainer for the company. In fact, she has trained over one hundred other physicians how to inject Botox® Cosmetic.

Help For Furrows, Forehead Creases and Crow’s Feet

One of the first visible signs of aging is wrinkles and lines in the forehead area and around the eyes. Botox® Cosmetic is a simple, non-surgical, physician-administered treatment for treating these areas.

Botox® Cosmetic treatments involve injecting the Botox® solution into precise points in the facial muscles. It then works by preventing the nerve action that causes those muscles to contract. The result is a reduction in the muscle’s ability to make specific facial expressions that create wrinkles and folds in the skin. Results become apparent within days and generally last three to four months.

Prevent Lines From Forming.  Erase or Visibly Soften Existing Lines

If you have already developed frown lines and crow’s feet, Botox® Cosmetic can go to work erasing or visibly softening existing lines. You’ll have a smoother, more youthful appearance.

If you have not yet developed these tell-tale lines, Botox® Cosmetic can be used to prevent their formation, helping you keep your youthful appearance.

Did You Know That Botox® Impacts More Than Physical Appearance?

Dr. Barad and Dr. Schwarck recently completed a study to determine if treatment with Botox® truly impacts one’s emotional wellbeing. We know that these treatments help people look better and then they claim to feel better about their appearance. But is this external act really internalized as a positive improvement? Learn more about the study here.

Natural Looking Results and Happy Patients

With the increase in Botox® Cosmetic’s popularity, there has also been an increase in the number and quality of those providing the treatment. As a board-certified ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Barad has used Botox to treat eye problems for more than 20 years. (Botox was first approved by the FDA in 1989 for the treatment of eye problems).  Thus, she has considerably more experience with the substance than many other providers.

When Botox was approved for cosmetic usage in 2002, Dr. Barad was immediately able to apply her expertise to aesthetic purposes. Dr. Barad’s combination of excellent skills, experience, understanding of facial anatomy and artistic ability have proven successful over and over again in treating patients with Botox Cosmetic®. Results are natural-looking and patients are thrilled with the results.

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