Allumera® represents the first in a new, exciting class of photodynamic cosmetic treatments that is clinically proven to help improve the overall appearance of skin, making facial texture feel smoother and more moisturized. Allumera® helps to reduce the appearance of pores, pigment, crows feet, and fine lines, leaving skin clearer and more beautiful.

*NOTE: After any pigment is treated, it is recommended to use sunscreen daily to minimize pigment reactivation by the sun’s harmful rays.

In a survey conducted three months after their last Allumera® treatment:

  • 93% of patients said their skin felt softer
  • 91% of patients said their skin felt more hydrated, moisturized and smoother
  • 89% of patients said their skin texture was improved
  • 86% of patients said their skin looked and felt healthier

In a five month controlled study, people experienced a 44% reduction in the appearance of pores three months after their 3rd Allumera® treatment.*

About the Treatment:

  • The entire treatment takes approximately 2 hours; ½ hour to microderm the face and apply the Allumera® lotion
  • Then you sit and relax in our exam room while the Allumera® lotion absorbs into your skin
  • The Allumera® lotion is then wiped off and you lie under the LED (red) light for 20 minutes

*NOTE: You must avoid sunexposure for the next 48-72 hours. Sun exposure will further activate the Allumera and you may experience excessive redness.

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